RAHUL NAGAR, Residential Plot Layout

near new T.M.A Pai Management college, Manipal

Area Details


  • a) The new T.A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), a 300 acre campus and part of the prestigious Manipal University is located about 2 minutes drivefrom KSM

    b) KARMIC design presently employing 160 engineers which is likely to increase in the coming years is located just 200mts. from KSM
  • These developments are causing rapid appreciation of land value in this area and creating demand for housing.
  • The road linking Manipal and NH17 is abt 200 m from the project and has been broadened and will be a link road from Manipal city to the highway. From our project the NH 17 is 8 to 10 minutes drive. This road would result in substantial traffic proceeding from Manipal to Mangalore to pass through.
  • The establishment of the above two campuses and the development of the link road will draw development to this area and provide scope for appreciation.

Location Map

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